Ett gott humör är mer än pengar!

Whatever you are looking for in life, your good mood is an asset. With it comes the calm and it helps you to love from your friends, mistresses, your children and your business relationships.

On the contrary, the bad mood is always a burden. It can make you say things that you should never have said. It can give you enemies for life. The bad mood is your worst enemy!

I myself grew up with perpetual mood swings. Something my parents taught me. Just like in dad could get angry with anything. I even got worse than the man who had the habit of screaming at everyone who disliked his grossly enlarged ego.

Screaming at people was not my thing. I have always been a decent person, so I took the step fully at once and became a good martial artist. I ended up at Lennart Björklund’s murder school in Segeltorp. Come on, you have to be an instructor there. Got an outlet for my innate aggressions. But I didn’t get rid of them.

They would follow me a whole life.

Until something happened to my otherwise so strong body. My heart said away. Now fucking Janne is enough!

Thankfully I ended up with the talented surgeons in Lund who obviously gave me another chance and I have taken that.

This became my water divider. I learned that life is far too short to irritate anything. My Attitude to My Surroundings Changed Instead of looking at the faults of other people, I began to look for their merits. I simply made lists of what I liked about the people I was still working with, to live with. However, I made no lists of what I disliked about them. They could have that for themselves.

This turned out to be a good method well worth working with. Recommended.

And I promise:

It is so much better to be a joy spreader than a surfer.

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  1. Visst, det bor minst två personer inom mig. Inom mig huserar många. Där finns femåringen, tonåringen, den vuxna unga, mamman, idealisten, realisten och nu den “yngre äldre”, osv. Ibland har dem mkt spännande möten.


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